sample showing of Ratsample Mac 3D sample showing of Ratsample PC 3D

Free Fonts

Download a free sample of my keycaps fonts.

Both Ratsample™ Mac 3D and Ratsample PC 3D contain the entire Ratcaps™ 3D character set for the appropriate computer platform, plus four extra characters from Ratkeys™ 3D. (You can use these links to see full samples of the Ratcaps and Ratkeys Mac 3D or Ratcaps and Ratkeys PC 3D fonts available for purchase.)

Use the appropriate link below for your computer platform and font format of choice. You may first need to make sure your browser is properly set up to receive either BinHex StuffIt (.hqx) or ZIP (.zip) archives. Both Macintosh and Windows users can download a copy of the free StuffIt Expander, which can decompress both StuffIt and ZIP archives, from the Smith Micro Software website.