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Kubrick was a double-experiment. One part of it was to see how heavy and massive a typeface I could make while still keeping it legible. The other part was to develop a Multiple Master font. Multiple Master fonts were a format developed by Adobe that allowed the user to change things like the weight and width of a typeface. Kubrick started as just such a Multiple Master typeface, but when Adobe discontinued the Multiple Master format, I stopped work on the typeface. Later I decided to continue work on it, but as five separate font weights: Light, Medium, Bold, ExtraBold and Black.

Because of its extreme letterforms, Kubrick is recommended only for large display use. The default letterspacing is set fairly wide in order to keep it legible. The very narrow counters (the “empty” spaces inside letters like O and B) give the typeface a sparkling appearance, particularly in all-uppercase settings.